How to create a welcome sequence in Convertkit?

If you don’t have an account, you will want to sign up with Convertkit. There is a free version if you’re just starting out, but it doesn’t enable you to create sequences until you upgrade to a paid subscription. 

Sign into Convertkit and follow these steps:

  1. Once logged in on the homepage, click “Send” on the top bar.

  1. Next, on the dropdown, click “Sequences.”
  2. Finally, click the red “New Sequence” box to begin the process.

  1. It will automate for you to name the sequence. Once you name it, click “Create Sequence,” and you’ll be ready to begin creating your welcome email series.

  1. Create your welcome email sequence copy with help from this bonus workshop by Gillian.
  2. Write your Introductory email sequence with help from this tutorial from Convertkit.

Additional resources:

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